Your vote for a peaceful solution

Whosoever is informed about politics, knows this for sure: The unjust wars of NATO do not face any stronger resistance by the populations, because the most powerful media are constantly misreporting and thus in fact disinforming the people. Therefore the global tug-of-war on:

  • power and influence in Syria as a preliminary step towards a planned war against Iran
  • the mock negotiations on Iran’s alleged nuclear WMD program
  • the construction of a “missile shield” against Russia

is being decided in the media – as is the decision on war and peace.

In the case of Syria a known Syrian diplomat said on Monday (May 14, 2012) over the phone: “Our problem is, that Syria does not have a single man with the qualifications of Christoph Hörstel: Courage, political insight, experience in politics, in war and in all fields of public relations work.”

The previous Saturday, all Syrian participants of a demonstration in Berlin against foreign interference in Syria had signed the following petition to HE President Dr. Bashaar al-Assad:

The signatars support immediate invitation to Syria to Mr. Christoph Hörstel and an opportunity for him to talk with HE, President of Syria, Dr. Bashaar al-Assad, about projects to reduce foreign interference into inner Syrian affairs.

If you wish to support this, too, you can do so by simply clicking down below:

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